Posted by: Ticktock | September 14, 2010

Evolution Art Contest

Charlie’s Playhouse is an online store that promotes evolution education through games and activities. They have a really cool selection of original products, including a “giant evolution timeline“. Check it out and add them to your child’s wish list for Christmas.

They’re also doing a really neat art contest. The challenge is for the kids to draw and color how an animal’s final descendant may look after centuries of gradual change. In order to reinforce the idea of natural selection, the contestants are encouraged to think of their animal being stranded on an island with a unique habitat, and how certain genetic traits will prosper under those conditions.

My daughter wants to draw a horse with jewels on it’s body. She may have to get creative for how to explain how these jewels evolved, but that’s the point of the contest.



  1. Sounds like maybe horse breeders decided horses would be more valuable if decorated with jewels, so they did some genetic modifications. Then a couple horses escaped into the wild and continued breeding on their own. That’s my theory.

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