Posted by: littlez2008 | September 24, 2010

Why I Can’t Make Mom Friends

For some reason, some videos embed and others simply don’t.

So you might be tempted to ignore this link to this short and funny video, because there’s no easy peesy video embedded here, just a boring ol’ link, and that’s not as compelling to click. I mean, jeez, you have to go all the way over to a different web page, and that’s a lot of effort. I know. But please, it’s worth it.



  1. That is just hilarious, and unfortunately very true.

    I sometimes would comment to certain moms that childhood was a journey not a competition.

  2. Thank you! That was freaking hilarious!

  3. OMFWM, that is funny, because it’s true.

    • Sorry, OMFSM.

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