Posted by: Ticktock | October 5, 2010

ANNOUNCING: Parenting Within Reason

The co-hosts of Podcast Beyond Belief would like to invite you to the next phase of our efforts… “Parenting Within Reason

We’ve decided to rebrand our podcast as “Parenting Within Reason” to better identify ourselves as a resource for freethinking parents. We are still the official podcast of Foundation Beyond Belief, but we’re hoping that the new name will be more accurate and descriptive of our content, and more welcoming to a wider spectrum of parents.

Hopefully, you’ll like the improvements we’ve made to the show. We have a new surf rock inspired theme song, musical bumpers in between segments, and finally, voice overs from our “Voice of Reason”, Mr. George Hrab.

We’re also spicing things up with weekly guest co-hosts – eventually, we’ll discuss whether we’d like to invite someone new to the show. Please let us know if you would like to participate, or if you have a favorite.

Our new podcast name does not require you to resubscribe. We’ll be using the same feed and starting with episode 30. Our first guest will be Kate Miller of Charlie’s Playhouse and our first guest co-host will be Mike Meraz of the Actually Speaking podcast.

You can visit our feed page at…

Episode 30 was just published!

Part of this rebrand is an effort to maintain a higher standard of ethical integrity. We’ve received complaints in the past that we include too many anecdotes and not enough facts. Admittedly, we use the science reporting merely as a spring board for discussion, and none of us are actually scientists (nor ever claimed to be), but we do our best as busy parents to contact original sources and explore all angles of the research.

We welcome corrections, and we encourage dialogue and communication about anything we may have misinterpreted. Please let us know. We read every letter.

You can write us at

Please subscribe to the new “Parenting Within Reason” facebook page. This allows us to send you updates to our latest episodes, news about our previous guests, videos, links, etc. Plus, we’ll start using the discussion page for anyone who wants to talk about the latest episode or ask questions. The original PBB page will be deleted toward the end of the week.

Thanks again for listening. We work really hard on this podcast with very little time in our busy schedules as parents. It means a lot to know that people subscribe and enjoy the show.



  1. Oh, thank you for changing the theme song! Back when you got started I downloaded the show, heard the theme song, turned off the podcast and almost decided not to listen at all. I’m glad I went back, because I love the show now.

  2. I am going to miss John Paul. You will definitely need to keep bringing in more dads. I like that the perspective here is not just “mommy based.”

  3. Yes THANK YOU for changing the theme! I started skipping the first 30 seconds or so before loading up my ipod so I wouldn’t have to hear it.

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