Posted by: Ticktock | October 14, 2010

New York City UFOS or Gran Via Balloons?

*UPDATE (from livescience)* This afternoon officials from the Milestone School in Mount Vernon identified the “UFOs” as some of the helium balloons that escaped from an engagement party held for a teacher at the school shortly before the sightings. The wind direction at the time would reportedly have taken the balloons to within sight of people in Manhattan’s Chelsea area. The article below remains as it was originally written.

A fleet of “UFOs” were sighted above New York City on October 13th. What were they?

The unlikeliest answer would have to be extra-terrestrial space craft. It’s strange that people would automatically assume this, but comments about alien visitors are spilling out of forums and comments sections all over the web.

Occam’s Razor says that the simplest explanation is probably the most correct. So, if it’s not ET flying over New York City, what could it be? Well, the guys in this video seem to have it figured out…

Balloons??? How could people possibly confuse alien space craft and balloons? We tend to see what we want to see, and let our imagination fill in the blanks. Once news of UFOs started spreading from one person to the next, confirmation bias kicked in and believers began to imagine the “mother ship” approaching the city.

But check this out… on the same day that balloon-like UFOs were spotted over NYC, there was a ceremony to celebrate the centennial of the construction of Madrid’s “Gran Via” avenue. During the ceremony, a fleet of yellow balloons were released into the midtown skyline.

I’m not saying that this definitely explains the NYC UFO mystery, but it would be an amazing coincidence if balloon-like space ships were spotted above NYC on the same day that a mass of balloons were released in the same city.



  1. UFO’s were being reported at 1:30 p.m. October 13, 2010.The clock in the Times Square photo was 16:27 p.m. The UFO’s were being reported three hours before those yellow balloons were released.



  2. Good eye. I think I need to do some more investigating. Still not ruling out the Gran Via balloons, but it would require a few improbable things… the clock not working or some balloons being released earlier (perhaps by accident).

    update: I did some more investigating and found a few people who were saying that they saw yellow Gran Via balloons being released “all day” and “every 12 minutes”. That’s not the best evidence in the world, but it’s all I could find. Check the comments here.

  3. Hey tick toc, Sean proved that the ballons were set later, and you go on to say that there were balloons being released every 12 minutes , I am just wondering when people are just going to face up to the reality that a lot of these sightings are in fact very real and there are going to be a lot more , why is it so hard for people to believe something when it is staring you in the face? There is so much evidence out there , Nasa, Fatima in portugal (what really happened there?) pheonix lights, etc so much info and conspiracy. I think that the time is coming where it will all be revealed , wether it is from a good experience or a very bad one. We will know.

    • I’m not confident that Sean proved anything. Sorry to say, Roo, but there are multiple reasons that he could be wrong. First, just because the clock on the cathedral says a certain time doesn’t mean that the clock is working. Second, just because there are yellow balloons seen in the photograph doesn’t mean that there weren’t yellow balloons being released all day, as some people have reported.

      Next, you may have missed the update of the cluster of silver balloons that were released from a New Jersey school and drifted north.

      Finally, even if it weren’t yellow balloons or silver balloons, that doesn’t mean that it’s a UFO. There’s absolutely no indication that it’s a flying saucer space craft of any kind, other than looking odd. That’s not evidence.

      As for Fatima and Phoenix lights, you should click the links and check out the skeptoid episodes about those events.

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