Posted by: Chris | November 27, 2010

Bats are Cool!

Bats at Chris' dad's hummingbird feeder in Arizona

Colin interviews Mary Kay Carson, author of The Bat Scientists and Dr. Merlin Tuttle, one of the subjects of the book: Episode 36 of Parenting Within Reason.

Catch up with other episodes here.



  1. That’s so neat! We put up a bat house a couple years ago on the side of our house wooed by the idea that bats can eat over 100 mosquitoes in just one hour. Unfortunately, it turns out that we apparently have the wrong kind for our region (???). I had no idea that bats were so complex. Our hummingbird feeder has so far only attracted hummingbirds (which is still neat).

  2. During the warmer summer of 2009 we would eat out on the deck, and as the sun set a pair of bats would start flitting about. I loved sitting on the deck watching them. But I did not see them this past much cooler summer.. 😦

  3. That is so cool!! I love bats!

  4. The photo was taken by my brother (since I had it, and the podcast was on bats I knew it was perfect). My dad lives across the valley from Tombstone and Bisbee, near Ft. Huachuca, bordering the Coronado National Forest. On his property is a small cave that was a start to a mine, which is where the bats live during the day.

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