Posted by: Chris | September 23, 2011

Summer Greets Autumn…

At least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!

This sunflower is now open and hanging from the top of the rockery to greet the folks driving up and down my street looking to park during college football games.  Just one of the signs of the changing seasons, which leaves of memories of the previous few short months.

First we had some beautiful visitors:

Like this dragonfly that hung around the yard one day.

Then there we saw some odd genetic anomalies, like this rose that had buds sprouting from its center:

And one of the buds did bloom as the original faded:


The kids got a kick out of this oddity.  This type of rose, Cecile Brunner Climber, is a clone.  This is true of most nursery roses.  Once in a while a branch, or in this case a single bloom, will have a subtle change in its genetic code.  This is most often seen when there is a plant with variegated leaves, a trait that was created through selective breeding.  Once in a while a branch will revert back to its original genetic state (and then I prune it off).

All in fun, and the turn of the seasons.  Which makes this a good time to balance eggs!  Okay, the link is to something to do with the Spring Equinox, but think why it is the same for the Autumn Equinox.


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