Posted by: Ticktock | December 3, 2011

On Scooby and Skeptical Obsessions

My daughters LOVE Scooby Doo, but recently they’ve voluntarily put themselves on a restricted diet from the Scooby gang until the end of the year. They were starting to get a little too wrapped up in the drama of Crystal Cove and were experiencing the same tunnel vision that I was experiencing in skeptical activism, mainly that the world cares more about monster hunters and hoaxes than they actually do. We all needed to step back and gain a new perspective on our passion.

The first project that I voluntarily abandoned was the Parenting Within Reason podcast. It was such a personal achievement and honor to be able to speak with so many parenting experts, authors, and scientists, but it was impossible for my co-hosts and I to keep going at that pace without sacrificing the time and energy that we needed for our personal lives. New episodes came to a crashing halt at #49, which unfortunately left us just short of an arbitrary magic number.

Another unfortunate result of my time away from freethought was that I let the “Science-Based Parenting” domain lapse, which meant that the URL would be confined to a useless corner of the internet because some jerk wanted to buy it away from me. And now, any readers I have left will probably not be reading this because they don’t know the original URL (, but that’s OK because I like the idea of starting over.

As much as I loved the “Science-Based Parenting” name that I borrowed from my heroes at Science-Based Medicine, I’ve decided to make another change to the blog and become Skeptic Family ( I changed the name because I should have never used “science” to describe this site – I’m not a scientist, I’m a science advocate. I’ve decided to stop shying away from being a skeptic and just accept that the term will be occasionally misinterpreted.

So, I’m dipping my toe back in to see if I can manage being a blogger again. And hopefully, my readers will find me again.

And, by the way, if you want to read more about the skeptical example of Scooby and the Gang… you should check out this excellent article on the subject.



  1. Welcome back Colin! My kids have gone through a huge Scooby Doo kick this year as well, especially the middle Hellion. I’m actually quite pleased with the classic Scooby Doo direction the more recent “What’s New Scooby Doo” series on Cartoon Network has taken. No Scrappy Doo!

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