Posted by: blotzphoto | January 21, 2012

Hello there…

Hi Skeptic Family readers! My name is Lou and I’m a Stay at Home Dad, or SAHD . I’m also an Atheist, a Humanist, a Skeptic, an old school pen and paper and dice gamer, a fourth generation Cincinnatian, an advanced amateur photographer,  a baseball fan, a ginormous geek, a proud liberal Democrat, a serial comma abuser, a retired amateur stand up comedian, a homebrewer,  a Sagittarius, and a darn fine home cook if I do say so myself…and I do.

I blog about my crazy family at Raising Hellions , a fine site, where I do a great deal of swearing and shall we say…exaggerating (or perhaps lying) about the pitfalls of being a stay at home parent of the male persuasion  in the interesting times in which we live. If anyone wishes to drop by and say hi that would be great, my other two readers would be delighted to have the company.

In my quest to transition from “idiot who has a blog” to “idiot who can call himself a blogger”, I plan to write some more extensive and less profanity laden material about how to introduce science, skepticism and critical thinking to my horriblehorrible children.  I am grateful to the folks here at Skeptic Family for the opportunity to contribute to their fine blog and I’ll do my best stop by at least once a week and add to their big pile of awesome, hopefully without making much of a mess.

Ciao… Lou 😉 or @blotzphoto on twitter if yah want to yell at me directly.



  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only n00b!

  2. Hello there! Good to see you on board! Hooray!

  3. Oh… You guys… You’ll regret that enthusiasm soon enough. 😉

  4. I remember the day that I met Lou. Cincinnatian, SAHD, Skeptic, indie rock fan, etc… it was like I’d found my doppelganger. Glad to have you as a contributor… can’t wait to see what mischief you cause.

    • That was a very cold day at the playground if I remember correctly!

  5. I was going to commit some mischief, but then I took and arrow in the knee…

  6. […] of more writing, I have been graciously allowed to contribute to the most excellent blog Skeptic Family. Many thanks to my buddy Colin Thornton for the opportunity.  Anything I publish there will of […]

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