Posted by: Ticktock | October 4, 2012

Parenting Within Reason is Back!

When my new friend Noelle George said she wanted to resurrect Parenting Within Reason, I nearly had a panic attack. The podcast was an amazing experience and a proud accomplishment, but it was a lot of work with very little reward. The hosts and producers of PWR were busy parents with jobs and responsibilities, but we managed to squeeze in time to speak to amazing guests: Paul Offit, Lenore Skenazy, TMBG’s John Flansburgh, and many other authors and experts. We exhausted ourselves and the show faded out silently.

Noelle George wanted to make her own parenting podcast for freethinkers, but when she discovered the existence of Parenting Within Reason she decided to join forces and begin the resurrection. Noelle is the Operations Manager for Foundation Beyond Belief, she has a little baby daughter, and she is taking on the daunting task of producing the newest incarnation of Parenting Within Reason. This time around, we are making sure that we have a funding model, including sponsors and listener contributions, so that we can pay for things like microphones, editors, and hosting. Please chip in to help us maintain our sanity and our bank accounts.

We’re also sending the podcast in a new direction. Our focus is going to lean more toward issues that are important to secular humanist families, rather than the previous incarnation’s focus on science and skepticism. Obviously there is some overlap. We will not lose any skeptical values, but we will embrace atheism as a focus more than before.

I am saying “we”, so you can guess that I’m staying on as a host with Noelle. In order to simplify the production, there won’t be a panel of co-hosts like before. We will, however, be including some guest co-hosts in the future.

Episode 1 of PWR 2.0 is NOW AVAILABE on our NEW WEB PAGE! We are still currently under review with itunes, so stay tuned for resubscription information.

Our first guests for episode one are SNL Alum and atheist activist Julia Sweeney and “Atheist for Dummies” author Dale McGowan! Thanks for listening!



  1. Awesome!!!!

  2. What a fantastic conversation to listen in on, many thanks!

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