Posted by: Chris | December 20, 2012

Stop scaring children…

Sorry I have not been active for a while. It has been kind of a trying year, but hopefully things are looking better.

But I do need to comment on the issue of the day, yet another prediction of doom and destruction.

This is something that I feel quite personal about because one day in 1967 I spent the day looking out the sliding glass doors of our quarters in Ft. Ord, CA because I was scared that all of us were going to die. That was because I saw an article somewhere that psychic Irene Hughes had said:

Earthquakes shaking California this year, leading up to a cataclysmic earthquake in 1979 that will cause great loss of life and land.

Of course, being an eight year old kid I only saw the headlines on the tabloids and did not read that we were going to fall into the ocean until 1979. This was at a time when I looked across Monterey Bay and thought Santa Cruz was actually China.

That was only one of many times that predictions of doom and destruction have turned out to be wrong, wrong, wrongety wrong. Our planet’s destruction has been predicted so often, it should be just noise in the background. But it is not. And children are listening.

Almost ten years ago when my kids were elementary school they and their friends were freaked out about Planet X (which has come up again!). Some were genuinely scared. I did my best to calm the fears of kids who asked me. But I should not have to do that.

NASA has been hit hard with queries about the end of the world, and hear is their response addressing many of the false stories. They should not have to do that.

It is simple, folks: stop making claims without real evidence, especially if it scares kids. Don’t believe in psychics, religious “prophets” or those who channel either ancients or aliens.

By the way, it is already December 21, 2012 on part of this planet and we are still here. Give your kids an extra hug, they have better things to think about.

Side Note: I had used the Googles often to figure out where I had heard that our bit of California was going to fall into the ocean, but had failed. I finally found the connection when Doubtful News posted this article with the appropriate link. Thanks Sharon!


  1. I remember in 1980 (perhaps, I was in 7th or 8th grade), the killer from space was going to be that all 9 planets were going to be “lined up” and the gravity would tear the earth apart. I was old enough to mostly laugh at it, but I certainly said my prayers extra hard that night. Hey, maybe that’s what averted the distater…;)

    • 🙂

      I think I heard the same thing over a decade ago, and more recently. It is quite silly.

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